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Where can I view the Static Caravans that you have for sale?
Most of our Caravans are located at our spacious 7 acre site in Conisholme on the Lincolnshire Coastal Road. We are not on the main road so please either head for Lowgate Road or use the postcode LN11 7LX to find our showground.

When are you open to show me around?
We are open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday 8AM - 5PM are our standard office opening hours. We always recommend that you contact us to arrange an appointment (especially if you are to visit outside of these times) so we can ensure someone is available to welcome and show you to our Caravans.

What size are the Caravans?
The Caravans which we sell usually range in length from approx 26 feet / 8 metres to approx 42 feet / 13 metres, width ranges from approx 10 feet / 3 metres to approx 14 feet / 4.5 metres. Twin units / lodges can be considerably larger still. Please ensure that you speak with us regarding the overall site size for unloading the caravan.

Where / how do you deliver Caravans?
We can deliver Caravans Nationwide. The Caravan can be delivered on either a Rigid or Articulated Vehicle allowing us to be most flexible on possible delivery locations. Transport can be arranged to Europe or Worldwide. You need to be sure that we will be able to deliver the Caravan safely and that there is enough room on site for access, turning the Caravan Transporter and unloading the Caravan. If you are unsure or have queries you are welcome to contact us by phone or email for advice, usually photos &/or Google Maps can give us a good indication as to whether delivery will be possible. If a site visit is required we can arrange at no extra cost when we are in the area or at a small charge if we are to visit to suit you.

How much does it cost to have my caravan delivered?
Any Caravan bought from Clavell Caravans for £5,000+ will be delivered within 100 miles of Conisholme, Lincolnshire at NO CHARGE. For Caravans bought for under £5000 or for further than 100 miles will be charged at a very competitive rate. Should you wish to arrange your own collection of the Caravan, this is fine and we will be able to offer a discount on the caravan price.

How do I site the Caravan?
The caravan should be supported under the central axle(s) using either concrete &/or wooden blocks. The wheels should not be in contact with the ground. The corners and other supports should be supported level with the Caravans own legs in addition to axle stands &/or concrete &/or wooden blocks.

What services do I need for the caravan?
GAS - LPG bottle(s) are used to provide Gas to the Caravan and usually connect to a regulator at the rear of the Caravan.
ELECTRIC - Caravans are supplied ready to be connected to Domestic 240V electric via a 16A or 32A 3 pin BlueCommando Plug.
WATER - Standard 15mm copper / plastic water pipe is used to connect the Caravan to mains water, usually by reducing the mains 20/25mm Blue MDPE water pipe first.
WASTE - Solid waste to septic tank or mains drainage using 4" soil pipe. The grey waste usually T's into this 4" Soil pipe and will carry your waste water away.

Are the Caravans inspected?
We closeley inspect all of our Caravans at the time of purchase and again when sold. You are welcome to view and inspect any Caravan before deciding to purchase. You are welcome to take photographs, measurements and check internally and externally. Once your Caravan has been delivered you MUST have it gas checked by a suitably qualified Gas Safe installer. We can help you to find a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered installer. You  MUST also have the Caravan electric tested by a suitably qualified installer. We can also help you to find a suitably qualified electrician Please be aware that any previous Gas Certificates & Electric Certificates become invalid once a Caravan has been moved, no matter how recent the previous test.

What about warranty?
Should you require a warranty we will offer this service. Please discuss this with us when buying so we can understand your individual requirements and tailor the package to suit you. A warranty may not be available on lower end / budget units.

How warm are caravans?
Caravans have various forms of heating, this will range from a gas fire in the lounge to electric panel heaters or on more luxurious models a full Gas Central Heating system. For the warmest experience you should try to budget for a Double Glazed & Central Heated Caravan.

What can I expect my Static Caravan to include?
* Fully furnished living area with seating and tables
* Fully fitted kitchen including a cooker and often a fridge
* One to four bedrooms depending on the model, complete with beds and matresses
* Gas fired instantaneous water heater
* Gas fire in the lounge
* Either electric panel heaters or gas central heating
* At least one Shower or bath, toilet and sink
- Please note that budget / entry level models may not include all of the above

Can you rent me a Caravan?
Yes, a rental package will include delivery, siting, maintaining and once the rental period is over the collection of the Caravan. We would always recommend that you fully explore all options such as buy-back schemes also (see below).

What's this buy back scheme?
Basically, at the time of purchase of a Caravan we will agree to buy the Caravan back at a guaranteed price after a set period of time (upto 12 months), assuming that the Caravan is in the same condition as when it was sold (reasonable wear and tear taken into consideration). If the set period of time or the condition changes, we will still make you an offer for the Caravan, you have the option to accept the offer or to sell it elsewhere. Please note that due to market fluctuations we cannot guarantee a buy back price for periods of over 12 months but can give you a guide price based on historic market behaviour. You are welcome at any time to sell your Caravan elsewhere if you wish.

Can I buy one of your Caravans to put on a Caravan Park?
Yes. Most Caravan Parks would however prefer to sell you one of their own caravans. Feel free to do some research and if you find a Park willing to take a Caravan on make sure to check what they will charge you to bring a Caravan on and site it for you. A good option may be to have the Park buy a Caravan from us and resell it to yourself, that way the park will be able to have the Caravan sited and offer you a warranty. There are many options and we will be as flexible as possible to help you.

We Don’t just buy and sell


We Export...

Clavell Caravans are a well known reputable supplier of quality used Static Caravans to many Export Companies / Customers. We have been arranging the Export of Caravans for over ten years. We understand the Export process and can arrange to have your Caravan shipped from any UK Port.

We Buy all over the UK...

And sell all over europe. Clavell Caravans are well established and competitive buyers of both Static Caravans and Touring Caravans. We buy Nationwide from the Highlands to Cornwall. We cover the whole of the country and can usually have a purchase completed within a few days.

We Handle Emergencies

Need accommodation and quick...Thought about a Static Caravan? Caravans at sizes up to 42x14 feet for single unit can be ready for Transport immediately. This may be the quick solution for you.

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